A certified SBA 8(a) CyberSecurity company. We are experts at risk management and governance!

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Strategy isn't technology driven; it's need driven. CyberAssure balances the potential of innovations with business priorities.

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Are you really getting the information security you are paying for? Our certified blue and red team assessors can answer that question.

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CyberAssure can stay with you for the long-term if you wish. Seeking to outsource cyber risk management? You have a partner.

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Innovative CyberSecurity Company

If you are Online, you are exposed. Threats are multiplying daily. You need a layer of assurance between management and technology. CyberAssure can give you a level of certainty that your information assets are protected. We have developed information security systems for government agencies in the intelligence community and we want to deliver the same to you.

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Services Overview

CyberAssure provides the risk management link between organizational management and information technology. We don't replace your current information technology service provider, but we provide assurance that the risk owners are protected and that your implementation of technology meets the best business practices for cybersecurity due care and due diligence.

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Why Choose Us

You can trust an organization that grew out of the information security apparatus of the United States Department of Defense, led by the cybersecurity architect who redesigned the cybersecurity strategy of a critical national security information system. read more