Penetration Assessments

Penetration testing is where security theory meets hacker reality. Vulnerability assessments and standards compliance are good starting points for security, but penetration testing gives you real-world insights into just how secure your security posture really is. CyberAssure offers the skills, capabilities, and background that make a formidable "enemy" when it comes to testing your systems using simulated attacks. In addition to in-depth experience in all aspects of network security, many of our personnel are certified ethical hackers (CEHs) or have other certifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or CISSPs. You can trust our personnel to do their work ethically and without making mistakes. We can do external and internal penetration tests, attacking your systems from the perspective of an adversary outside your organization as well as from the perspective of an insider threat. Each CyberAssure penetration test is a hand-crafted and thoroughly executed assault on your systems and applications. Our goal: to reveal any hidden threats and vulnerabilities so you can take action to address them. When our testing is done, CyberAssure prepares and delivers a report detailing the types of tests that were attempted, the status of their success or failure, any discovered issues and the resultant risks (sorted by priority), and suggested remediation efforts.