Operational Security

Millions of cyber security attacks threaten organizations every week. Those organizations with an enterprise security operations center (SOC) are better positioned to fend them off. But the strength of your defense depends on your strategy. Security operations consulting from CyberAssure provides specialists to help you assess and refine your strategy and then work with you to design a SOC with end-to-end threat management capabilities. Benefits Security operations consulting from CyberAssure helps you establish a SOC designed to deliver a single view of security threats for real-time decision making. With these capabilities, you can: Optimize your ability to react to and contain cyber security events Reduce financial and operational impact to your business Develop a more proactive security posture How it works Our security consultants use workshops, assessments, strategy engagements, and design and build activities tailored to your organization to help improve your security operations. Our assessment includes reviews of: Staffing, operational procedures and governance Technology and tool set for incident response, monitoring, metrics and configuration Metrics used by your security operations center and time spent on reporting.